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Re: CPU-controlled '88 ur-Quattro WG?

>That small increase from 1.1 to 1.3 Bar made a BIG difference!

We just spent the weekend in the White Mountains with two 5k's, 86 plain
jane and 85 turbo automatic.  Not coming from an area with mountainous
terrain, it was very interesting playing with the turbo's indicated boost
on those long inclines.  The old 85 road ox *snarled* at 1.4 Bar!  I'd like
some more boost please!

I'd have to say the 86 did just fine for what it is.  Audi seems to have
struck a pretty good balance between displacement, final drive ratio &
suspension.  Didn't even notice the extra 100 lbs of bagged coal under the
presents in the trunk!

Happy New Year to all!

        ned bennett