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Re: Strange Ignition problem w/ '83 4000q

On Dec 27,  3:52pm, Stott Hare wrote:
> Subject: Strange Ignition problem w/ '83 4000q
> Now
> here is
> the interesting part:  the spark makes it through the coil wire to the
> distributor, but is
> stopped there somehow.  No spark is seen by the spark plug wires.  A new cap
> and
> rotor were thrown on for good measure, but still no spark to the plug wires.
>-- End of excerpt from Stott Hare

	Could the wires be out of firing order?  Also, how about the wires
	themselves?   I recently changed the wires on my '85 5000ST, and found
	that two of the five old ones were *absolutely* open.  I can imagine
	a scenario in which all the wires are bad (only four in your case,
	right?) and the ignition coil or something slowly degrades to the
	point where it can no longer force a spark through bad wire.  In
	my case, for example, I would never have known that the wires were
	bad had I not actually checked them with my multimeter.

	Good luck!