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Re: Of intake manifolds and boulders ..

Hello there Arun ... I hope that you've identified the line that was 
affected by the boulder by now!  You didn't say where the crimped line 
was, but if it is under the bodywork it is not likely to be an oil line.  
I would imagine that it is either a brake line or a fuel line ... either 
of which are extremely dangerous if they rupture.  Even an oil line can 
cost a motor if it ruptures.  

In regards to the idle adjustment screw, I had a similar problem on 
the '83 TQC.  The screw didn't come completely out, but the idle would 
degrade over time, and I found that I was having to constantly adjust
the idle screw.  I think the rubber gasket on the screw vulcanized in 
the heat and didn't provide sufficient friction.  Since you need to 
replace yours now, you can get them new from the dealer.  I'd recommend 
putting a little anti-seize compound on the threads to make them a 
little stickier.

Hope this all helps and good luck to you!

Steve Buchholz