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Re: Lock Me Up, Lock Me Down...Armor Door Plates

> So, how many of you out there have Armor Door Plates on your Audi or
> derivatives?  If so, how difficult were they to put on?  Is it suggested
> to put them on the front and back, or just the fronts.  I picked up a
> brochure on them at a parts store yesterday, and they seem like a good
> idea, before the fact.
> Oh yes, I almost forgot...87 4000 CSQ, that performed very well, in snowy
> conditions last week...should I expect anything less?
> Comments anyone?
> John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com
> A man devoid of religion is like a horse without a bridle. - Freedom
  I have the ADP's on my '82 Scirocco.  The car spends most of it's time
in Boston, and this was a simple investment for the piece of mind.
  They took less than an hour to install.  I had to tweak one for proper
handle operation, but that wasn't a big deal and was covered in the insert.
One thing to bear in mind, is that the kit doesn't come with gaskets.  The
large rectangle has some foam underneath, but you might consider replacement
gaskets when you do the mod.
  I would put them on all four doors (if I had four doors) because the ease
of entry isn't limited to just unlocking the door, but in opening it. So all
four could use the protection.  The tricky part is the determined A**HOLE.
You've got these nice ADP's, his screwdriver is basically useless, so he
takes his centerpunch and breaks a window instead.  Assuming the car isn't
stolen, you need to choose your damage.  Windows can be replaced $$, but so
also can bodywork be ordered up for the doors $$$$.... Your choice.
  Hope this helps,  and isn't two pessimistic.