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ABC in Leominster/Switch lighting?

Greetings to the list members who survived the holidays!  Condolences to those 
who didn't !

I spent Monday AM at ABC salvage yard in Leominster, MA, climbing through and 
around the remains of various Audis: 4000s, 5000s, 100/200s, even a CoupeQ! 
Unfortunately, most of the cars were missing the bumper cover, spoiler, and 
headlight bracket that I required to 'heal' my 'bruised' coupeQ.  Next, I'll try 
Shokan, and Carlsen.

I did notice that most, if not all of the switches on the main consoles 
(defroster, foglights, seat heaters, etc.) had been pried out.  In hindsight, 
the instrument lights for my rear defroster and ABS switch appear to be burned 
out.  The defroster 'triangle' illuminates when the switch is depressed, however 
the icon is not illuminated.  The ABS switch is also not iluminated, however the 
'ABS off' indicator below the multifunction computer iluminates.  

Are one or both of these switches normally iluminated with the rest of the 

If so, what is the easiest way of removing the switch covers without marring the 
dash so that the bulbs can be replaced?

Who is a good supply for the bulbs? 

Would this be a candidate for a FAQ?

As always Thanks!

Peter Schulz
1990 'bruised' coupe Q