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Re: Fuel leak from fuel distributor?

>I replaced the air filter on the '88 5000CSQ Wagon yesterday, and
>saw what looked like fuel residue on the bottom of the airbox.  I
>played with the airflow sensor, and found that when I displaced the
>airflow sensor to the maximum flow position that I got a couple of
>drops of gas that came from the fuel distributor.  Has anyone dealt
>with a similar problem?  Can I have the fuel distributor rebuilt,
>or is it a simple gasket problem?

I have rebuilt the metering unit on my '79 Scirocco, so I could
mention some of my observations. If your FI is CIS based, which I
I think it is, then this is relevant to you.
The plunger, that is moved by the airflow sensor, does not have any
seal in the metering body it is moving in. The sealing is done by the correct
fit, and the fine surface finish of the plunger and the metering body (any
kind of seal, like o-ring, e.t.c. would cause stiction of the plunger).
When the units are rebuilt by Bosh, the plunger and the
cylinder it is moving in, are replaced as a unit. There is virtually no
wear in these components, so I would imagine your dripped from the very
beginning. If it is not wetting the filter, I would not worry about it
(How often do you go WOT?).
Metering units only need rebuild if they are clogged. You can not do anything
with them except clean them. If you want to open up yours yourself, I can
give some advise how not to screw it up.

Good luck, Peter
Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: peter.orban@nrc.ca