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4000Q refresh

I have an '85 4000Q (60K miles) that I've owned since it was new.
I enjoy it tremendously, but I have been using other vehicles
(primarily motorcycles) to the detriment of the Audi. There have
been 2-3 week periods where the car hasn't even moved. :(

I recognize and want to remedy the errors of my way. I will be
replacing the struts and springs (Koni/H&R) soon once the struts
arrive. I will be installing a K&N air filter and already have
a Borla exhaust.

Since I will be in the area and will have to get a 4 wheel
alignment anyhow, what other suspension bits should/could be
replaced? Hopefully, these are just the nickel/dime bits that
should be changed as a prophylactic measure.

My driving style is somewhat, shall we say, "sporting". The car
will bottom out and drag the front mudflap regularly. A stiffer
suspension will fix that. The Konis for the Audi has be updated.
The adjustment is now on top - you can adjust them without any
of the previous hassles. (so I'm told - I don't have them yet)

The discussions about the head work sounds intriguing. +1mm on
the valves might be fun, with a Shrick cam and perhaps the
mechanical cam advance. Any experience with any of this?

thanks bunches (I can keep you all posted if interested)

- steve                            stratos product development
spowers@spdg.com                   seattle, washington