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Re: Starting Problems (electric and rather interesting)

In message <9412292106.AA17474@borodin.sli> "Robert D. Houk" writes:
> Now, imagine a room full of clever German engineers, poring over the
> latest Bosch catalog, oohing and aahing about the latest sensor arrays
> and challenging each other to see who can incorporate the most new
> sensors in the cleverest ways into the latest engine management sys-
> tem ... 

Bosch was a customer of mine in the early 1980s - the main factory in 
Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is only a mile or two from Porsche's main plant, and 
about ten miles from the Porsche test facility at Weissach (also a 
customer) where so much work was done on the Quattros and Syncros (then known 
as the "Tetras").
I find it easier to imagine the Bosch engineers calling up the Porsche/Audi 
engineers and saying: "OK, you guys - let's see you find a use for THIS one!"

(Or, slightly differently for our German speakers: "Ihr werdet nie vorstellen 
koennen, was uns jetzt eingefallen ist!")

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