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Re: Front Rotors and Pads


I have Repco Metal Masters on an '83 quattro coupe. As you'd expect, they
are not the best until they heat up a little.  They were great at the
quattro club's Second Creek Raceway outing in Denver (last June), at least
until the rest of the brake system went "soft" while I was trying to keep
up with a modified 300+ HP S4 from Dallas.  On the coupe, the dust was
dramaticaly reduced from the OEM pads, initial cold weather braking
suffered ever so slightly, and "sporting" performance was dramatically
improved.  I've run Metal Masters on modified Fiats, Alfas and Triumphs
with only good results, especially when you get "sporting".

Don't know about Chris' numbers snafu, but it seems that I had a similar
situation with the coupe pads, but they turned out to be the correct ones.