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Re: AudiNet Change

> >Hi Mark,
> 	{stuff deleted}
> >Bart Chambers, 
> >Wife Dora, 

> Gee Bart, I notice that you omitted a model year on the wife.  How
> come?  Tee hee.  Happy Holidays.
Holliday Greetings, Matt!

Matthew, old rutabega, I may be brain-damaged, but I ain't stoopid (well, 
that's my story, anyway, and I'm stickin' with it)!  But, hey, Matt, it's 
really good to hear from you!  And so soon, after that unfortunate incident 
with Uncle Herb's Grandmother and the Cranberries!

Did they release you for the Hollidays, or did you escape again, you naughty
boy?  Well, whatever; you have a great New Year (and this time, don't chug
the Champers, and for Chrissake, *leave* those little pink jobbies alone until
after the holidays.)


Unka Bart

Bart Chambers, 
Wife Dora, 
'77 Feline Varmint Fexix, American Gray Tabby
'86 Carrera Cabriolet, Indischrot
'87 Quantum Syncro, (Stealth Quattro) Alpenweiss

and each and every one of the above wishes you a 
Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!