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Re: CPU-controlled '88 ur-Quattro WG?

>....2.4 bar!

Bob... Is that an IA upgrade?  Tell me more.

>....speedometer bounces....

That's an electronic speedometer and I guess the most likely culprit is the
sender in the transmission although most the complaints I'm familiar with
are intermittent working/not working.  The sender is fairly pricey ($100 +
-) but easy to replace.  The three pin electrical connector on it has been
known to collect water & turn green.

There have also been a lot of 100/200 dashboard printed circuit problems
related to cold solder joints.  Once again, usually intermittent operation
in regards to the speedometer although I can see in theory how the needle
might "bounce".   We had an 89 100 that gained/lost the gauges as the dash
illumination lights were decreased/increased...and no speedo.... everything
was backfeeding because of a bad ground.  Just broke down the dash &
resoldered bad connections.  Audi has even produced a training video
ostensibly about soldering techniques, but using the 100/200 dash as a
visual aid...hummm...should we read between the lines?

Hope this helps...ned