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Salvage yards

I ran across a couple of salvage yards in Rancho Cordova, CA (near Sacramento)
this past weekend.

German Auto Recycling
3539 Recycle Road #2
Rancho Cordova, CA  95742
(916) 631/7280
(800) 688/AUDI (ask for Bryan)

DADS Auto Dismantling
3606 Recycle Road
Rancho Cordova, CA  95742
(916) 635/3622
(800) 464/5284

German Auto Recycling is run by Bryan who has owned a number of Audis and is
currently restoring an early Ur-Quattro, a true Audi fanatic. Lots of parts for
various Audi models.

For me, DADS was a real score, I'd been on the lookout for quite sometime for
the glass for my side-view mirrors ('81 Coupe). The glass is available at the
dealer for about $55, but salvage yards are typically willing to sell the
complete mirror only ($75 - $125). In the yard, there were 5 Coupes sitting in
a row. I scavanged a number of parts including mirror glass ($15 ea.) and
like-new rubber door weather stripping ($15 ea). This yard had lots of Audis,
many with lots of decent parts.

-- Rob

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