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Re:Fuel filter intervals...

Chris & all....

My understanding of VAG's 'lifetime' recommendation for the big fuel
filters is that the interval was to be worked out by the people in the
field.  I think everyone sees the folly of the lifetime idea (one bad tank
of gas, dirty older fuel tank, reduced flow due to accumulation of debris).

Judging by the cars coming off of lease, our local dealer seldom services
the fuel filter, air filter or cap & rotor during the lease.  Many of these
cars come to us at about 60k with only the plugs, oil & filter having been
changed.  Most of them have driveability or starting complaints by this time.

Our ideal procedure is to replace the fuel filter,plugs (three
electrode),cap & rotor(bosch) and air filter if necessary at 30k, 60k, 90k
etc.  The plug wires (high humidity area), single wire oxs & NTC sensor at
60k, and the 3 wire oxs at 120k.

Very few tune up related complaints with this schedule if using Bosch parts.

        ned bennett