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Re: Virus warning! Fact or fancy? Dunno.

On Jan 4,  6:58am, "Robert (Bob) Myers" wrote:
> Subject: Virus warning!  Fact or fancy? Dunno.
> Here's a message I picked up today on the Carbide E-mail network.Just in
> case you haven't heard, I'm passing it on.
>         This is to warn everyone about a new email virus going around.
> Please read this and follow its directions.
> There is a computer virus that is being sent across the Internet.  If
> you receive an e-mail message with the subject line "Good Times", DO
> NOT read the message, DELETE it immediately.  Please read the messages b
> elow.

This is a myth. It apparently started as a joke, but has been spread
far and wide by people taking it seriously or just unsure.

 Mike Jones |  jonesmd@rpi.edu

No matter how a language is described, a computer must use a
procedure to interpret it. One should remember that *in describing a language
the main goal is to explain how to write program in it and what such
programs mean.* The main goal *isn't* to describe the syntax.
	- Marvin Minsky, 1969 Turing Award Lecture