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Re: 9004 High-Wattage bulbs

regarding your liights... I used to Pro Rally in a 1981 VW Scirocco and am
very familiar with the wiring of off road lights...  You will need to get a
wiring and relay kit from Hella (Kit is cheaper than trying to buy everything
separate) and depending on the wattage of the lights you are using, you will
need to change the relay blade fuse to 30AMP, I think a 25AMP comes with the
kit, but the 30 is within the rated capacity.  The light bar will require
some fabrication, but a good welder should be able to make a removable bar
that attaches between the bumper mounts.  Although I am not familiar with the
bumper on the 4000, if you look under the plastic on the bumper and find that
you have the earlier style 3 sided box style metal bumper, you can bolt
directly to the top of this box with a discreet hole through the plastic...
 The lights that offer one of the best "Bang for the Buck" are the
Cibie/Marshall OSCAR + 190 DRIVING with 100w bulbs.  These will be hard to
find, but are low profile and not too deep, and should not rise above the
hood.  This will solve the hi beam problem; if you are looking for the low
beam solution Hella makes a square add on low beam headlight that I have
installed on a friends' Vanagon.  These too will require a relay, but
certainly solved the beam pattern problem....  Good luck!

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