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Re: Fuel filter intervals...

> >Another point, the scheduled maint. for BMW and Mercedes, is far more
> >extensive (as listed below).  So either the B & M have built a good market 
> >for their Service department or Audi is being cheap on it's FREE maint.
> >Could be both, since I think Audi is setting up their service department
> >for huge ($$$) 60K services, when the owner has to pay.
> I had the 60K done and I don't remember the exact cost but it didn't seem
> "huge". Especially compared to the cost of hydraulic components.

I am thinking in terms of my V-6 90CS.  To get the timing belt changed
looks real expensive.  The parts, $12 oil filter for example, are expensive
and labor is expensive.  Again "huge" is relative to what I have seen 
with my 1.5 year old Audi compared to what my 6 year old BMW has cost me.
I would add that by 60K coolant and brake fluid should be replaced, add
oxygen sensor and can be expensive.

Also, 6 years ago I was hunting for a recent model 4000.  I found several
"just off lease" (3-4yr/50-70K) Audis that needed major maintenance and
repairs.  Every owner was adamant that they had records, and well
maintained their Audis.  By the book they were right, but longevity wasn't
their goal.

Daniel Adams