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Re: Hmmm ... Maybe there are advantages to US cars

>  from petrol-land:
>   A friend of mine is a manager at a gas station here near Akron, Oh.  Everyone
>  seems to be putting more effort into controlling the vapors from escaping
>   while refueling at the pumps.  Their solution, is to have the nozzles with 2
>  hoses to them.  One hose administers the dino-juice, another sucks the vapors
>  up to the canopy above where they are burned by a pilot light.  Note that I am
>  not talking about the multi-hose pumps for the purpose of filling reg, prem,
>  etc.  They look like one unit.  Kinda neat, thought I would share it.

These nasty, annoying gizmos have been standard in "high pollution" counties
for many years -- I'd guess at least 10 in Southern Calif., and they arrived
in Mass. the same year I did, 1990.  My condolences! :-)

I don't know where the vapors go in the systems I've seen, but I don't think
that they get burned!

>                          ---Bob
>                         87 4000S, 1.8L