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Re: Heater Blower Motor

Hi all,

Got back Monday afternoon from a six day trip to Toronto.
The bad news is that my heater blower motor died on the third

It died kind of slow, ran slower and slower and stopper
running altogether one day. That evening, while the family
was getting ready, I took a few minutes and opened the
access port ( plastic one with two screws ) and touched the
squirrel cage. The motor took off. Thinking it was fixed I
closed it up. It died again ten minutes later.

After returning home, I wanted to verify it was really the
motor, not the controller, so I re-opened the flimsy plastic
cover sheet etc, and put a lamp across the two wires going
into the motor. Yes, I could make the lamp glow dim or bright
from the controls ( high/low ). I then thought of opening
the rubber elbow and looking at the brushes. Pressed on the
top one, and the motor took off. I then pressed real hard
with a screwdriver on the holder itself, and the motor
now works great ( I know, a month or two max .. ).
I really wish I had thought of it a few days earlier, would
have been a slightly warmer trip back.

Just wanted to tell everyone, that if your motor dies
at an in-opportune moment, try forcing the brush-holder
towards the commutator. You may have a 50% chance ( if 
you have a warn brush, and depending on which one it is )
of fixing the problem temporarily.

Anyone know of any place having a sale on heater blower
motors. I need to buy one fairly soon.

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5000TQ