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Re: 9004 high wattage replacement bulbs

>  Unfortunately, high wattage bulbs don't really do the trick in those
>  85-87 4000s. The lens' photometrics just suck (US models). They throw
>  light all over the place, except where you need it. The best solution is
>  to convert to the Euro light assemblies and their many advantages in
>  addition to superior lighting performance. The H1/H2 Hella lamps that the
>  last of the ur-Quattros came with fit and look and work GREAT on 85-87
>  4000s!
>  -glen
Is there a domestic (US) source for those H1/H2 Hella lamps?

I tried the 9004 55/100w with disapointment due to the low voltage getting
to the bulbs. They even started burning the lamp sockets. I did bite on
Competition Unlimited's wiring harness with th 80/100 bulbs. They do work.
The harness was made for a Toyota, I beleive, and includes two relays,
higher quality sockets and much heavier wire. While I am satisfied with the
quantity of the light output, I agree with Glen that the 4000 headlights
"just suck" in the quality of light dispersion.


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)