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Re: Read the manual Steve! (Speedos & Auto Locks)

> Date: Wed, 4 Jan 95 08:15:06 PST
> From: steveb@newkla.kla.com (Steven Buchholz)
> Reply-To: quattro@swiss.ans.net
> Well, I went to the Bentleys last night and found I made some incorrect 
> assumptions and spread some misinformation.  Let me try to rectify them ...
> The speed sensing transducer connected to the transmission on newer 5000/
> 100/200s has only 3 terminals, with only a single output signal.  There 
> must be circuitry in there to put out pulses only when the car is moving 
> forward.  That's why the thing costs so much.

This is incorrect, at least w.r.t my '90 100tq and the '85 200tq I
once had.

The transducer outputs pulses in either direction. This is easily
verified by taking the car on a spin backwards and noting that the
speedo shows the real speed also going backwards.

This is also how it naturally should be, as the car moves a certain
distance at a certain speed going either direction.

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