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Re: Fan question on 5000 (some battery involved ...)

Hairy green toads from Mars made evangelo@mecf.wustl.edu say:

> Hi everybody,
> I am still trying to troubleshoot my starting problems, but I noticed the
> following:
> When I disconnect the battery and connect it again the fan starts and stays
> on for a few minutes, even if the engine is not just cold but frozen ...
> Is this normal behaviour or an indication that I have a problem somewhere ?
> This is on a 5000 CS Turbo '86.

I don't know specifically about the 5000CS Turbos, but I would think
this indicates a problem with the run-on relay. The fan should have
no reason to come on if the engine is stone cold.

Does the fan shut off during this time if you turn on the key?


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