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Audi Gas Cap Woes...

The idiotic teenage gas-pump jockey was filling up my '87 Coupe GT last
night and managed to drop the gas cap to the ground TWICE.  The first 
time did nothing but the second time broke one of the internal flanges
of the black plastic cover, allowing the lock mechanism and a vent 
spring to pop out.  I managed to reassemble the parts that were still 
intact and put it back into filler neck by carefully turning the lock
by hand until the metal bayonets on the outside of the cap engaged.  It
appears that all the gaskets and vent pieces will function properly, 
there's just no black cover or metal shroud to fully enclose everything.
And now the question -- will driving around for the next few days 
cause any problems?  ie: water vapor entering tank, improper venting,
etc.?  I didn't notice any drivability problems or leakage after 1/2 
hour commute in 25 deg F weather, but I'm more concerned with what might
happen as the outside temperature rises and falls.  Any net wisdom on
this one?

					- Chris Idleman

PS - Can an Audi dealer "re-key" the lock on a new cap to match the 
car's current key?