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Re: Tire Mix-n-Match

 >From: cmice@mke.ab.com (Christopher Ice)
 >Date: Thu, 5 Jan 1995 11:08:06 -0600
 >Is there a tire which offers "good" performance in wet and dry for a decent
 >price....snow be damned?
I recently purchased a set of Potenza RE71 205/60/VR15 from Tire Rack. 
Supposed to be real good in dry and wet and not too stiff & noisy.
They were on sale for $79 ea. I also bought a set of MSW Star 15x7 alloys 
to go with these. This way I don't have to swap tires twice a year. Wheels 
were also on sale at TR for $89 ea. They are one of the best looking 
5-spoke alloys I've seen. 
The timing of the purchase was less than ideal but the price was right, 
so I won't be able to report on these 'till June (that's when the spring 
comes to upstate NY:). In the meantime, I'm ready for snow/ice with my 
Nokia Hakka 10's. 


Ljubisa Stevanovic (stevanov@crd.ge.com)
'87 5000 TQ