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Re: 4000 Dash speaker replacmnt

>This is in reply to the posts under CD player....speakers.
>There is an alternative to just putting tweeters in the "unique" dash
>in the mid-80s 4000. It involves using the existing factory speaker and
>destroying it.
>First, remove the factory speaker. Second, remove the cone. Then take a
hacksaw >blade and separate the basket
>from the top plate. With a little sanding, you can make a perfect surface to
>seal a 3.5" co-ax Blaupunkt. With some small hardware you can fasten the new
>driver to the original plate and resecure the assembly using the factory
>hardware! Caution - when removing the basket, don't saw through the "studs"
>that go through the dash, you'll never mount the assembly is you do.

>I did this with my 86 4000s and it looks great. Factory at any angle except
>directly above, then the Blau logo shows through. Very trick.

The only downfall to putting a 3.5" speaker back into the dash is that the
"oomph" to the sound isn't much better than what you've just replaced (there
are not many 3.5" speakers that have much weight to the magnet).  I was very
hesitant about cutting a hole in the door to add the 5.25" ADS's (which I
neglected to mention... sorry, I was assuming people knew the 320i's is a
"seperate",  dual speaker system), but have never regretted the excellent
sound quality derived from a bigger speaker with a heavier magnet.  It looks
just fine and it really cranks.  The ability to have a dual speaker system in
the front is really nice.  The lows work much better down in the door than
they do trying to reflect off the windshield, where the high range notes work
very nicely.   Unfortunately, there really aren't many options for speakers
in the front of this car, it's either cut a hole in your door or put lighter
weight speakers in the dash.

And since I neglected info on the rear speakers too, the 300i's are a
rectangular 5.5 x 7 two way speaker with seperate tweeters.