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Re: Help....

Usually the bearings increase their noise level as follows:  incr with hard
right turn means left bearing; incr with hard left is right brng.  You may
want to check for rips in the driveshaft boots; if they are not ripped
chances are that the bearing is the culprit...  The bearings can be replaced
(turbo 5k/200t) without the need for frt alignment.  the strut comes out as a
single unit with camber intact.  My experience is that when one bearing goes
the second is soon to follow, so you may have noise from both.  The audi
bearing kit (about 90.00) comes with new tie rod nut and cotter pin.  doing
the work for the bearing replacement is not that hard and you save a ton of $
doing it yourself.  any competent machine shop (brake/clutch) with a press
can do the bearing press work (cost me $10.00 per bearing).  Make sure to
take the abs sensor out of the front before working the driveshaft removal...
When reinstalling the sensor make sure to get a new plastic spacer for the
sensor (about a buck a piece).  I also found that the sensor is extremely
sensitive to spline placement, so if your abs light comes on you probably
have the sensor tooo far away.  Also, found that there was some crud (rust)
between the abs splines on the driveshaft that can be cleaned  up with a
brass brush.

PDQSHIP   87 5ktq @ 135k mi