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Re: don't try this at home??

>Very familiar with Ned Ritchie, this guy lives and breathes life into the
>q's.  The problem you will have with the swap is that the 4wd system on the
>4000 is not designed to handle the power and torque as you pass the 200hp

How do you Know this?
As far as I know the 4000csq uses the same trans and diffs as the US Ur
Quattro. Aren't they both 016 units? They even use the same gear ratios 3.89
final 3.6, 2.13, 1.46, 1.07 and 0.78 fifth. There are pleanty of Ur Quattros
running in the high 200hp range including Scott davis' 85 with a 20v running
nearly 30 psi (low static CR). Ned and I have talked about putting a turbo
into a 4000 q at length. In fact, he has no qualms about putting a 400 hp
20v into one. As Dave Lawson repoted in an earlier post the engine is on the
floor of his (Ned's) garage waiting for a doner car. (Only a white '87
4000csq with leather seats will do, according to Ned.)

>You will need to beef up at the very least the clutch...  This swap
>will take a lot of time ( and $) because the turbo and assorted hardware is
>not an easy task. 

I agree here; but, if I'm replacing an engine, I'm also going to replace the
clutch. I assume the doner engine/car will come with flywheel & clutch assy. 

Robert, I think the point is that afer you move the battery, wire in ECU,
figure ot wher to put the oil and inter coolers, fabricate brackets, change
the exhaust, and Update the brakes to the 11" discs, you will have a
considerable investment of time and money. If you are going to do it, I
suggest you save a little longer and slap the 20v in, it wont be much harder.  


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)