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Re: don't try this at home??

>Robert, I think the point is that afer you move the battery, wire in ECU,
>figure ot wher to put the oil and inter coolers, fabricate brackets, change
>the exhaust, and Update the brakes to the 11" discs, you will have a
>considerable investment of time and money.

Still, the idea is intriguing!

Now where would you get vacuum? As we know, the turbos have positive manifold
pressure. You would also have to get the high pressure hydraulic system
from the 5k as well for the brakes. How is it done on the UrQs? You would
still need vacuum for the ignition advance, diff locks, AC?, and who knows
for what else. Would the vacuum pump you have on your 4kQ with a reservoir
be enough?

Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: peter.orban@nrc.ca