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re: Re: heads (Fumio Fukaya)


Back in the late 70's Fumio Fukaya was a pretty popular place to get your 
air-cooled VW heads welded, ported, larger valves installed etc. I was in 
a Southern California VW club that did a fare amount of drag racing. Many 
of the clubs  cars were using Fumio heads.  My street driven 66 VW bug  
ran a 14.02 @ 95MPH in the 1/4 mile with some big valve welded heads, dual 
webers etc.  The best car I saw was a 1700 lb, steel bodied 57 bug that 
had a 1700 CC alcohol injected, turbo charged, nitrous oxide 4 cyl VW 
motor that propelled it down the quarter mile in 9.99 seconds at 145 MPH. 
Fumio Fukaya, Gene Berg as well as Darrell Vitone from Techtonics have 
been around for over 20 years doing VW engine mods. Sounds like you have a 
nice cylinder head for your car. Keep us posted on the results.

Dan Bocek <dan@di.COM> Wrote:
>> I just got my head back from Fumio Fukaya Enterprises - ever 
>> here of them? 
| They're sopposedly big in the VW community.  Anyway, I went 
| with a bump of
| 1mm on both intake and exhaust valves, as well as a full 
| polish all around
| and a port on the intake. TEXT DELETED 

Dan  Bocek