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Re: Timing belt replacement

>>Regarding the special tool, there are actually two. The one you 
>>need is the one that locks the balancer in place while you 
>>loosen/tighted the crank bolt. The other is a bar with a socket 

I didn't use either tool.  My son stood on the brakes while I wielded a 3/4"
breaker bar (rented ~$6) with a piece of water pipe added for an extension.
Same thing on tightening other than using a torque wrench. With the brakes
on it only took a steady pressure and the nut loosened like butter. Heck
those brakes can hold 250 lbs of torque easily. A mechanic told me he uses a
large screwdriver or pry bar wedged into the teeth on the flyweel. I worried
too much about breaking a tooth and my son's labor was cheap (pizza).

Just make sure you get the right bolts back into the right place when you
put the sheet metal back on the front. some of those hold the oil pump in
place. I'm not telling how I know this :)


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)