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5000 Climate Control info


I recently solved a problem (yet another) with my 86 5000CST climate 
control system that may prove helpful to others. With outside temps in the 
30-40 degrees F range the car after first starting in the morning would 
continue to heat the interior until it was too HOT. I had to lower the set 
temp from the original 72 degree setting to get any relief. If the car was 
later driven after the interior had warmed up it would eventually start to 
cool it down below the 72 degree setting. I would then have to raise the 
temp to 78-80 to keep the interior warm. 

I found that the small blower motor that pulls air past the temp sensor in 
the middle of the dash had stopped sucking. I removed the clock assembly 
next to the center air vents and looked at the blower with a small mirror. 
I noticed the small blower squirrel cage was not turning. I reached in 
with my hand and as soon as I turned the rotor it started running. It 
looks like some lint or crud seized up the motor. I was glad it started 
working because I don't know how the hell I would get that motor out from 
under the dash area.