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Re: heads

> I would seriously consider the ExHone of the exhaust manifold and the exhaust
> impellor of the Turbo, the gains will be noticed (from a project on the 944
> turbo the impellor alone gave a net of about 14hp) .  Obviously a header
> would be far more advvantagous as far as ponies go, but the EH process will
> definitely help.  What kind of money are you talking for the rs2 turbo...
> Might have some other tricks for you to try be4 you take that leap.

The RS2 turbo's gonna be about a grand.  

Gee, if I get the exhaust manifold extrude honed, won't that mean that
I'll need to get the head re-ported to match the manifold? 

What other tricks do you have?  Where's a good place to get something 
extrude honed?
                                                         Dan Bocek