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Extrude Honing & Turbo magazine

Just wanted to apprise the net about the recent edition of Turbo (& Hi-tech 
Performance(?)) magazine.  There was a quick blurb in there on the Audi S6 
as well as a somewhat quantitative evaluation of Extrude Honing on a 5.0 
Mustang.  They used a motor that had some work done to it but no port & 
polish, but the head & manifolds were stock.  Dyno results showed 20HP 
increase, but they noticed that the 1/4 mile times indicated even more 
than a 20HP increase (~1/2 second decrease from ~14 to ~13.5).  Since 
the results were questionable they did a less scientific test on another 
motor and saw similar (or slightly better) results in 1/4 mile results.  
Overall evaluation ... results similar to aftermarket GT 40 heads, w/o 
having to buy a new head.

Steve Buchholz