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Re: Glowing Battery/OXS light

On Jan 9, 12:43pm, Tom Feller wrote:
> Subject: Glowing Battery/OXS light
> Arun Rao ask about glowing battery and oxs light. First, most audi's and
> VW's will light both the batter and the OXS/EGR when there is a problem
> in the alternator, this is not a desgin problem.
> Second, the problem you describe is a classic -- the alternator bushes are
> worn out. This is very easy to check, simply remove the voltage regulator
> and look at the
> - Tom Feller
>-- End of excerpt from Tom Feller

	Thanks for the tip, Tom!  I'll look into it this weekend (if the
	rain ever lets up, that is ..).

	The alternator on my car has apparently already been replaced once
	by the previous owner (it says "remanufactured" on it), so the
	slip rings may be OK.  So brushes could be it ...