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Re: short? exhaust system rep...

re: exhaust.  I have used 3/8 extension bars in combo with a wobbly extension
on the one closest to bolt with luck.  the other thing you may wnat to try is
to get a blade handle hack saw and cut thru the bolt, however this won't
solve the install prob.  A torch works pretty well if all else fails, you may
need some heat to clean out the bolt holes to accommodate the new ones
anyway.  highly recommend the use of the factory bolts (stainless with brass
nuts i believe) on the reinstall,cuz water, salt, and heat cycles will eat
the garden variety.  My want to check the honeycombs in the cat while you're
looking at it (tend to collapse over time). some stiff hobby wire thru the
"catcomb" will tell you if your car suffers this malady.

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