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Re: Brake warning light, wipers, Delco sucks

><5000S brake warning light that comes on and beeps....
> My father's 84 5000S does the same thing, except his never shuts off.  When
> the car is started, it remains quiet for a while, waiting for him.  After
> driving for a while, the brake light comes on intermittently and beeps and
> flashes it's little heart out.  It's only a minor annoyance, as he has
> resolved to "live with it", but I want to fix it.  Anyone???

I had exactly the same thing on my 87 5000 S Q. A mechanic told me ;

a. the power steering and brakes share the same reservour
b. I had the 'normal' 5000 power steering leak
c. If I out in power steering fluid to the res. it would stop
d. putting in half a pint of fluid a year is cheaper than replacing the rack.

The honest advice he gave actually talked me out of an $800 job and has 
proved correct. In over a year of driving I have spent around $1.50 on oil.. 
and no beeping noise!
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