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Re: Starting Problem

>    I am wondering if anyone has been having starting problems 
>  with these "winter" fuels.  It seems that right about the time
>  these fuels were introduced I have been having incredible
>  troubles starting my 87 4000CS (4 cyl).  I have just replaced
>  the spark plugs which seem to have helped a little, but 
>  some of the symptoms still appear.  The starter will turn over
>  and sometimes it sounds like the engine will start as I release
>  the key.  Any clues out there? (Battery is also new from Sears
>  about 1.5 months old.)
>  -Eric Sylvain
>   sylvain@ctron.com
It's the fuels...the volatility of the different "winter/oxygenated fuels
varies and some have significantly different characteristics, especially in
"warm" winter weather.  In my '83 TQC, I cannot run Phillips 66 during the
winter without having major cold start problems.  Conoco gives me great
cold starts, but often pain in the *** warm starts.  It's just crapshoot
with each car having its preference based on its particular setup.  A lot
of it depends on whether it's ethanol or MTBE being added,among other
things.  Try a few different top line gasolines.  Unfortunately, Chevron,
Exxon and Shell aren't around here in Denver anymore and their are few
Amoco stations near where I live.  Exxon used to be the best for me