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Re: "Special Build"

>My '87 4000csq is also listed as a special edition on it's window sticker. I
>remember something about it being one of the last 1500 4000qs built. Does
>this sound right? It has quattro script on the seats, and every option except
>heated leather seats. Does anyone else have this script?
Last 1500 huh. ok Mine is WAUFB0854HA025474 do we know how many were built?
the build date on mine was 1/87. Thats the sticker inside the drivers door
right? Tmodel is listed as 4000CSQB  853C55 and  yes, I have the Power
sunroof, black quattro script upholstery (car is tornado red). 


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)