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Re: There are cut cables in m...

Just because the Bentley manual shows that a certain pin on the
control unit is supposed to connected to ground doesn't mean
that it is "a ground wire".  It may be an input pin that selects
a different ignition map, for example; depends on the model year,
locale, and or accessory options.  It may be grounded to give an
input of logical 0, or left open (internally pulled up to +5V)
for a logical 1.

I am not sure if the particular cut wire on your control unit
is such an example, but I thought I'd throw this $0.02 in.

Case in point:

The 1985 VW GTI used the same knock-sensing ignition control
unit as the 1985 Audi 4000; but the Audi engine made 102hp instead
of the VW's 100hp.  Also, the rev limiter is set higher on
the Audi.  By cutting a wire on the VW's unit it switches to the
Audi settings.  Indeed, in 1986, the factory setting for the GTI
was changed to the Audi style...

This was all documented in the VW & Porsche magazine some years
ago (now European Car).

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