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New fuel consumption (was "Starting Problems")

David Wagner says:
> Bob, all:
> My wife and I both have noticed at 15% mileage decrease exactly 
> coinciding with the mandatory use of them there fancy new 
> anti-winter-pollution items.
> Anyone else here in Mass/New England???
> regards
> David
> '90 Q-Coupe
> '94 90S

Well, I too have noticed a decrease, also exactly coinciding with
the new "oxygenated" fuel.
Historically my '91 Coupe has got the following miles per gallon
on my daily commute (40 miles, generally cruising at 70-75mph):
   Summer (A/C on) - about 23/25mpg
   Winter (A/C off, outsied temp 25 to 40 degrees) - about 22/23mpg
   Winter (A/C off, outside temp 5 to 25 degrees) - about 20/21mpg
   Winter (A/C off, outside temp < 5 degrees) - about 19mpg

This winter with temperatures predominantly in the 25 to 40 range,
I am getting about 21mpg (compared to 22/23mpg previously).
I guess that is about a 5-8% decrease.
Maybe the decrease is worse in heavier, stop and go traffic.

I have also noticed a strong fuel smell in my garage for several
minutes after turning off the engine. This also coincided with
using the new fuels.

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