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Re: Starting Problem

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Fri Jan 13 12:33:45 1995
> Date: Fri, 13 Jan 95 11:13:55 EST
> From: Michael Moy  13-Jan-1995 1111 <moy@quek.enet.dec.com>
> > And this winter fuel is really the s***s this year!
> One thing I've noticed about the new fuels is that they don't make the
> fuel pump noisy. Around this time last year there were quite a few
> complaints about noisy fuel pumps and so far there haven't been any here.

Yes, it seems that the alcohol in this new gasoline produces different
reactions in different cars.  Normally quiet, unaggressive vehicles
often become loud and boisterous.  Vehicles with moderate
characteristics may go either way: some are lingering and sluggish,
others wind up and take off at the slightest provocation.  Many times,
after a long, hard trip, the vehicle may be hard to start in the
morning.  In the extreme case, morning finds them parked in the gutter,
splattered with slush.

Finally, a considerable body of research shows that while including a
moderate amount of alcohol in gasoline can actually increase engine
longevity and aid in keeping fuel injectors clean, large amounts have a
detrimental effect on many parts of the vehicle, especially the fuel
filter.  However, it has long been known that the use of alcohol
reduces efficiency.

Remember, alcohol and driving don't mix!

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