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Replace front seats (Recaro?)

Well, now that I have some money I am considering replacing my front
seats.  The lower outer bolster on each is broken, and the replacement
foam costs $110 at a local dealer.  For that kind of money, I'd rather
spend some more and get new, much more comfortable seats.
I've sat in the Recaro seats at the dealer (dream...dream...), and
they were extremely comfortable.  I've heard they have an economy
version, does anyone know rough prices?  Do they make them for Audi's
(specifically, '85 Coupe GT)?  If not, could a VW seat be used?  My
sister's Jetta seats are very similar in design to the Audi's,
maybe they can be adapted.
Any other ideas on seats?  I was thinking about $300 per seat, maybe
even $400.  Any ideas/advice/experience would be great, as I know
nothing about aftermarket seats (except how comfy that Recaro was... :-).

Thanks for the help,