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Re: 9004 High-Wattage bulbs

I know that this thread is old, but for what it's worth I've been
using the 55w/100w 9004 replacements for about a year in
my 1990 80 quattro. 

The light output is better, but not great (each lens seems very 
scratched, as if the previous owner lived in the desert?).

I'm using a wiring harness from Competition Ltd. that is modified 
especially for the Audi computer. The harness originally had a 
relay on the low and high beams, but the low beams were wired 
straight through to avoid the computer 'seeing' the relay as an 
open circuit and reporting that a bulb was out all the time.
The high beams get their power from the battery through the
relay (better output and no high current through the high
beam switch).

I get my bulbs from Imparts because they are only
US$10.95 each.

The only problem that I have had was a burned socket due to a
bent connector that began arcing over time. I do make an
effort not to use the high beams when I'm not moving.

This solution has worked for me and was cheaper and easier
to install than additional lights. And I kept my stock appearance.

Thanks for all of the info,