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No Subject

Hello all,

Well I was able to find myself an Audi 90 Sport Quattro at a decent price,
and was able to sell my 85 5000 S for a good price: which brings me to a few
questions & comments:

1)  With my old fwd Audi, I seldomly ever lost the rear of my car when
accerlerating out of a snowy turn or coming into one.  It is quite easy to
make the quattro do this - I suspect it is because there is power being
transmitted to the rear wheels and the car is probably lighter.  Maybe Im just
driving too bloody fast!
This probably wont happen under rainy/dry conditions correct?  Is this normal 
quattro behavior (I already had one close call with a parked truck)??

2)  When I picked up the car from the dealer, he gave me some washing hints.
Strangely enough he told me not to use SOAP for washing the car, as it would
build up a film on the car (he suggested just water), I find this a bit odd 
- my 5000 endured several
auto. car washes and looks brand new.  Maybe this is because the 90 has a 
pearlescent finish?  At any rate, what do the majority of you suggest for
keeping the p/w finish looking great?  How about the wheels?

3)  Reading over the 90 Owners Manual (which has some spelling mistakes)
says that there is seatback adjustment and lumbar support adjustment, which
im assuming are two different things.  However I only see one rotary dial
knob which reclines the seat back - is there a way to adjust the lumbar
support?  Is this a feature only with electric seats maybe?
Those sport seats sure are firm, my back is still slighly aching!

The centre armrest I find usuallyy gets in the way of shifting, so I keep it
up - however the book claims its adjustable.  Weirdly, I havent found a way
to move it up or down, whats the trick?

4)  Can anyone suggest tire pressures for great performance without sacrificing
all the comfort/ride totally?  The tires are Michelin Pilot HX's 205/60r15.
Ive never heard anything about these all-season tires,
 until I saw them on the car -  (Ive also seem them on some BMWS)
they seem to ride very quiet and are great in the corners - what do others
think about them?

TIA for all feedback.