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Re: Bad fuel pump relay/socket

> Recent difficult starting and poor running problems in my '89
> 200TQ have been traced to the fuel pump relay.  The relay has
> been replaced but I'm still having some problems with the car.
> This AM it fired for about 5 revolutions of the engine and that
> was it.  Attempted restart was futile.  I removed the cover for
> the fuse box and wiggled the relay in its socket and the  car
> started right up and ran O.K. after that.  Methinks I gotta bad
> socket for the relay.
> What's involved with replacing the relay socket?  Do I need to
> replace the entire fuse box as my fiendly (sic)  Audi Dealer
> tells me or can I just replace the socket?  Any tricks or
> incantations I should be aware of?
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as a start I would slightly warp the spades of the relay and
put dielectric grease into the socket. If this doesn't help I
once had a burned socket for the defrost relay and was able to
remove and install single contacts out of the socket. Put a
clockmakers screwdriver into the tiny slot "behind" the contact
to release the built in spring and push the contact out of its slot.
Solder or crimp on a new one and just push it back in until it
Hope this helps


'86 5000CST.