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Re: Robert Phillips AWDEE

On Wed, 18 Jan 1995 Bubmeister@aol.com wrote:

> > Hey, my 3 previous cars were Fords, so
> >what the H*** would I know about AWDEES??
> Sorry to say Robert, but it's OWDEE, as in OW these parts are expensive
> compared to  Ford parts! 

Next time I get plates, they will read OWDEE.  I have been thinking about 
for quite some time, so I hope no copyright laws are being broken.  
Permission to use it??   

The use of AWDEE is correct red-neck pronunciation, as most individuals 
unfamiliar with cars having displacement under 350ci tend to make the OW 
sound sound like AW.(as in AW sh*t!, the dog got loose again!)
			---Anthropology, not Linguistics student
			---University of Akron