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Re: Vent in Battery

>So all in all the risk is quite low that you would ever have a problem
>by not having a external vent on your battery. I have used batteries
>without the external vent for years in Audi and never had a problem.  You
>can get external vented battery from the dealer and I believe that
>Interstate Battery makes either an external vented battery or a kit which
>relpaces the standard vented battery caps with external vented caps.

I just recently put an Interstate in my 90Q....I was AMAZED that the
battery looked almost identical to the OEM/AutoBahn battery except it
didn't have a vent!  I almost didn't buy it because of this...but then I
thought, "Hell...a battery for $75 (vs. untold fortunes at the dealer)???
For that price, I'll drill vent holes in the battery cover!"  Never drilled
the vent holes, and probably never will.  ;-)


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