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4000Q rear wheel bearings

Here's one for you all.

I'm replacing the rear wheel bearings on my '85 4000q. The
ones on the rear strut assembly are different than the ones
that I got from Carlsen.

My old bearings are sealed to the inside (axle side) of the
car, yet are open to the outside (hub) against a race that
is pressed onto the wheel hub. The bearings I received from
Carlsen are shown to be the correct ones, but are sealed on
both sides. I seconded this with the local Audi dealer.

The local Audi guy claims that there was _never_ anything
other than a sealed bearing on the rear hub. Is what I am
seeing simply the remains of a sealed bearing that exploded
when the wheel hub was pulled? Or was there a running change?

Having rebuilt enough bicycle/motorcycle headsets, I believe
I know a sealed bearing when I see it. What gives?

The vehicle is an '85 4000q, VIN WAUFB0858FA166710.

btw - I have access to liquid nitrogen and am wondering if
there would be any problem with freezing bearings or bushings
to install them (other than dropping and shattering)

thanks - I'm learning more about Audis everyday!

- steve