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>I've owned a '90 Coupe Quattro for about two years (winters). I've read all
>about how great these cars are supposed to be in the snow, but I've found
>that if I give the car a little (really, a very little) gas while I go into
>a corner, the backend breaks loose. Now, I would think that snow tires
>would help the situation, but is this normal behavior? The Dunlop's that
>are on the car appear to have plenty of tread... Is my Quattro system not
>working (is this even possible)? Am I just a bonehead driver who doesn't
>know how to drive in the snow? The best advice concerning winter driving
>that I got from this list is that all wheel drive will help me drive more
>slowly and with more control without getting stuck--and I have been driving
>accordingly... but it would be nice to feel more confident in the traction
>than the car has been exhibiting. Any thoughts?
>Steve Keller

The biggest problem with driving in snow is that we don't do it enough
to build a knowledge base.  Have you tried practicing in a snow/ice
covered parking lot ?  I just did this again last weekend.  With decent tires 
you should be able to maintain power through a turn without losing the 
backend, although I routinely produced a drift if I tried, and yes snow tires
do help, but I won't venture how much since I haven't driven one of the 
better all seasons in quite a while.

So, no, you're probaly not a bone-head.

Happy motoring

jim h