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Re: News from VW/Audi/Porsche

>1.  VW will bring the "Synchro" back to the US.
>2.  Audi and Porsche will link up, for marketing purposes,  in the US (it
>sounds like it will require all Audi or Porsche dealers to carry both...or
>maybe it will just tie advertising and image).  It sounds interesting, but I
>just do not see the logic.  Will prospective Porsche buyers take an A4 or A6
>as an alternative?  Could prospective Audi buyers be convinced that what they
>really want is a two-seat supercar like the 911?   Cross marketing is not
>driving this idea. 

Image, huh.  My favorite Image is a Carrera 4 *and* Audi RS2 parked in my
driveway.  The photographs in Perfomance Car magazine last fall demonstrated
the visual power Porsche and Audi can have together with a marketing
campaign. Porsches and Audis are very complimentry on the showroom floor.
Purchasers of high priced two seat sport cars often need a 4 door vehicle
for family or business outings. Yes, it might be a VW or (shudder) a Subaru;
but, many prospects entering that showroom can afford both. This exposure
will do more to help positio Audi against BMW, Merceedes, Saab and Volo than
it will VW. Yes Audi and VW will be saring platforms, they always have.
However, not since the Audi Fox (80) and the VW Dasher was there real
confusion, Well, perhaps the quantum and 4000 to a minor extent.  I don't
think many confuse the Passat with the Audi 90.
I only hope for two things related to this.

1 - They do the marketing right and bring in the RS2 as the flagship.

2 - I win the lottery.


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)