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I have Pirelli Winter P210's in the 205/60 15 size on MSW 15X7 on my 285hp
5ktq and found that the addition of the snows works well in almost all
conditions except when pointing the car for an oversteer slide in snow or
ice.  As an ex Pro-Rally driver, I am very familiar with low traction slides
and found that the quattros have a tendency to be extremely sensitive to
where you put the brake/throttle on in a low traction corner.  The latest of
Grassroots motor sport has an interview with Q ProRally driver John Buffum,
who cocurrs with the sensitivey of the Q's in LT conditions.  

I have had more than 1 harried experience with my q in trying to throttle
steer the q's when the nose/tail gets beyond 45 degrees to the road, it seems
that the tendency is that the car quickly (read too) wants to swap ends, and
it is as close to an on/off switch with no perceived transition.  I have put
a 80q4dr and a 90coup thru the same exercise with very much the same
result...  My guess is that the center diff may be the culprit but when I
locked them my 5k didn't fair much better.  If you try the same exercise in
dirt or gravel however you can definitely tell the diff the snows make.  

I would highly recommend the prudent use of throttle on snow when powering
out of a turn, that apex tree could be your hood ornament.

riding the edge of the envelope
PDQSHIP@aol.com   87 5ktq